Keeping in touch with people through mobile devices has become cheaper than using traditional phone lines, so it’s not surprising to see more businesses taking advantage of these affordable and versatile communication methods. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are a popular alternative to regular phone calls and have become a necessity for many organizations. But before you begin searching for a service provider, ask yourself the following questions.

How much control over your network do you need?

There are several ways to implement VoIP technologies, with managed VoIP and hosted  VoIP being two of the most preferred setups. 

Managed VoIP means that your company is in charge of managing and maintaining an on-site VoIP system. While initial costs are generally greater due to hardware and maintenance fees, a managed VoIP system provides your business with more versatility and control over your network.

On the other hand, with hosted VoIP systems, you leave the cost of new hardware and the maintenance of the telecommunications network entirely to a third party. This also frees your company from the burden of having to monitor and update your own telecommunications technologies. For many small businesses, a hosted VoIP option is the more attractive choice since they only pay for the services they use, and initial fees tend to be lower.

Do you want to be more technically involved?

Deciding between a managed and a hosted VoIP system depends on your preferred level of involvement in the management and maintenance of your VoIP setup. Generally, companies with limited IT knowledge choose hosted VoIP, while those who have more resources to customize their own telecommunications networks prefer a managed on-site VoIP setup.

Have you considered mobile VoIP systems?

With VoIP systems, telephony is no longer bound to a specific phone network. Modern employees now have a multitude of communication tools to choose from, all of which can be accessed securely from anywhere, at any time. Choosing VoIP systems that offer mobile integration can allow your workers to join video conference calls and answer direct calls even when they are working from home.

Does your business intend to expand?

When choosing the right VoIP system, you have to make sure that the service provider can complement your company’s plans for growth. With so many mobile devices being developed, selecting a VoIP service that is compatible with the latest technologies can keep you ahead of the game.

Cloud-based solutions make scaling up easy, as your service provider will constantly update your telecommunications network for you. This means you never have to worry about your technology falling behind in functionality.

Did you check your internet connection?

Regardless of which VoIP provider you choose, a strong and stable internet connection is necessary to support your communications network. Before purchasing from a specific provider, you should find out if your company has a dedicated broadband or leased lines. While leased lines offer improved voice quality, opting for dedicated broadband services offer higher internet speeds.

How much does it cost?

To have an accurate estimate of how much VoIP will cost you, check the cost of the hardware and the installation of the service. Then, look at the provider’s fees for managing, updating, and maintaining your telecommunications system.

Also, make sure that a VoIP provider’s services meet your company’s communication needs. If the provider is offering a bundle of services that your company doesn’t need, then choose a different provider.

While picking and deploying a VoIP system can seem like daunting tasks, there’s no denying that VoIP technology brings in a host of business benefits. If you are planning to install a VoIP system, consider these factors to ensure you make the right decision. And of course, if you’re looking for a provider, our experts are happy to help you in any way possible.

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